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Beautiful transitional living facilities for both men and women.

Welcome to Helping Hand Recovery

Sometimes, we all need Helping Hands. When it comes to addiction recovery, we could all use a shoulder to lean on. 

Helpings Hands Recovery is a Transitional Living and Treatment Center in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Our special individualized programs and treatment ensure health
and sobriety are the cornerstone of new life for each individual. Helping Hands in Phoenix, AZ, is here to help you recover.

Transitional Assistance

At Helping Hands, We’re there every step of the way, to ease the transition, and make for a softer landing

Addiction Is An Illness

We’ve often heard the phrase “addiction is an illness”. The more we learn about addiction, and its symptoms, the more true that phrase becomes.

Stay as Long as You Need

We’re not a rehab facility: We provide treatment for addiction and self-sufficiency training. Resume writing, filling out applications, living on one’s own; everything an individual needs to get the ball rolling in their New Life.

What we offer


Uniquely tailored program for the rehabilitating addict.


We have programs that include mental disorder, abuse and co-dependency.


Small group of people with the same goals to help you achieve freedom.

Help For You and Your Loved Ones

Beautiful Sober living

Traditional rehabilitation programs are extremely ridgid. This makes them less flexible, and less
adaptable to the individual. Things like zero-tolerance programs, while good for some, may not
work for others. Everyone’s journey is unique. Every individual has their own challenges.
We create an environment conducive to rehabilitation. With a small community of people with
the same goals, and a non-intrusive treatment philosophy, Helping Hands gets you on the road
to recovery. Your way.
Our programs include abuse, co-dependency and other disorders. We use therapeutic activities
& programming that encourage, as they teach newly sober individuals to take care of
themselves. We then monitor their recovery on a daily basis.
Helping Hands Recovery residents are able to attend outpatient treatment while going to work,
school and outside meetings in the Phoenix area. These steps help acclimate our residents to
become self-reliant members of society.

Helping Hands Recovery


Complete Care on Your Schedule

Bringing Life to Your Smile
Soul Revival

Allows our men to overcome addiction, and helps them to transition their new, self-sufficient life. Helping Hands Transitional Living Homes are here to help with that next step in life.

Trust and Believe

Helping Hands is proud to offer sober living facilities for both men and women. The homes offer a warm, inviting, and luxurious setting to set you up for success on your journey.

Modern Approach

Overcoming addiction and a healthy life is first. Bonds are created, stories are shared; in our groups you’re never alone. With modern comfortable amenities take your first steps to full self-reliance.

Tour Our Home

Rehabilitation is the central focus of everyday life. We ensure our home feels safe, welcoming and warm.

Helping Hands in Phoenix, Arizona is THE place for men and women to begin, advance, and continue their recovery.

Day-to-day life is made comfortable with a luxurious array of amenities. The kitchen includes all major appliances and all bathrooms are modern, and updated.

Common areas are full of entertainment options, and the property itself is well manicured for a calming outdoor experience.

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