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Mission, Vision, & Values


Soul Revival supports the recovery process of our diverse community by providing resources, services and support to community members experiencing substance abuse issues, housing insecurity, or abuse, who are unable to afford or access quality support.  Soul Revival’s mission is to create and find housing, meals, clothing, supportive programs and other necessities for these individuals.

To develop resources to provide basic needs, housing, and recovery support services for those in need.

To facilitate collaborations between service providers, social and human service agencies, communities, and other organizations in support of individuals who are in every stage of recovery from substance use disorders, housing insecurity, and abuse.


Our vision is to provide the renewed self-worth and dignity required for positive change to every individual seeking support in our community. Soul Revival believes that everyone in or seeking support should have access to food, water, shelter, programs, and emotional support. Just because someone can’t afford treatment, doesn’t mean they should be discarded. We strive to end discrimination against people in or seeking recovery, the housing insecure, and victims of abuse.


At Soul Revival we believe recovery begins with dignity.

Individuals flourish in supportive communities.

Everyone is sacred.

Everyone has a purpose.

With the right help, everyone can recover.

Our work is done with integrity and transparency.

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